Posted by: phillipnb | January 26, 2012

Discussing PHP – Forums

Happy New Year. Well, that was a good three weeks back. Sorry, I was busy with work and hence had to keep away from blogging. Any way, in this edition I am not going to talk about php syntax and code but something different. I am going to give a brief overview of the different forums available where php developers like you and me can ask questions, can answer questions, discuss php etc etc. Instead of talking more blah blah blah, let me list a few sites that are actually catering the php community by answering questions related to php.
Quite a decent forum with a neat user interface. The questions posted on this forum are mostly of basic and intermediate in nature. The site is divided into sections like installation,mysql and php coding, jobs etc. This forum has high user activity.
Another forum for PHP. Doesn’t seem to have many sections and users.
Another php forum but this time from site point. Does not seem to have regular user activity.
This forum is also divided into different sections General Help, Database, Install etc. Has good user activity and good user interface.
This forum is called the PHP Developers Network. The forum is divided into different sections, one for general questions, another one for programming etc etc. This forum has good user activity.
A php forum from Dev Shed Forums. The forum is not divided into any sections but has got some good discussions.
Another forum with a good interface and high user activity. The forum is divided into different sections so that a user can post questions based on the topic/subject.
A forum run directly by zend focussing on php and zend.
A smaller forum focussing on php related questions.
A php forum run by W3 schools.

The above list is not in any particular order. They are neither graded for their quality nor picked blindly without researching about the content posted on these forums. The ideal way to find which forum is suitable for you will be to actually register on a few of these sites, participate in each of them and then decide what is best for you.

If you want free ebooks, tutorials etc for PHP, please take a look at this page.

So, till next time keep programming in PHP.



  1. Thanks for this useful list!

  2. good

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