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CodeIgniter – Interview Questions

Click here for the CodeIgniter Multiple Choice and Interview Questions Ebook

1).Code Igniter is a _____
a).Object Oriented Concept b).PHP Library without Web Server c).Application Development Framework d).Content Management System

2).Which of the following is not true about CodeIgniter
a).It is light weight b).It is fast c).It uses MVC d).It uses Delphi Modelling Techniques

3).The separation of logic and presentation can be seen in which of the following?
a).MVC approach b).Simpleton approach c).Master/Slave Model d).Semaphore Model

4).The urls generated by CodeIgniter are search-engine friendly and clean because they use
a).Query String approach b).Segment based approach c).Keyword based approach d). SEO based approach

5).One way to remove the index.php file in CodeIgniter is by using a
a).MVC file b).root file c)..htaccess file d).settings file

6).Which of the following cannot be used to extend CodeIgniter System
a).Library b).Helper c).System Hooks d).Jar files

7).The reason why CodeIgniter does not use a template engine is because
a).To reduce codebase b).To improve performance c).To reduce core files d).To reduce system files

8).Query string URLs cannot be used in CodeIgniter
a).True b).False c).Can be used in the latest version d). None

9) The first segment in this example represents
a).Controller class b).Controller variable c).Library class d).Library variable

10) The second segment in this example represents
a).Controller class b).Controller Function c).Library class d).Library Function

11).If you want a url like this, what should you do?
a).Use a controller called do codeigniter b).Disable query strings
c).Use URL Suffix d). All of the above

12).In the url what is the controller name?
a).example b).index c).blog d).None

13).You usually save your controller in which of the following folder?
a).application/system/controllers b).application/controllers c).application d).application/helper

14).Your custom controller should
a).extend the child controller b). extend the super class c). extend the super controller d). extend the parent controller

15).In this url,, shoes is
a).function b).controller name c).first variable d).None

16).To load a default controller what should you do?
a).Give the default controller name b).Always inherit the parent controller
c).specify this in application/config/routes.php d).Add a setting to application/config.php

17).The second segment of the URI typically determines
a).Which controller should be called b).which function in the controller gets called. C).which system library to load d).All of the above

18).If your controller contains a function named _remap() which of the following is true?
a).It will always get called regardless of what the URI contains. b).It overrides the normal behavior in which the URI determines which function to call c).CodeIgniter permits user to override normal behaviour through the use of the _remap() function d). All of the above

19).CodeIgniter has which output class that takes care of sending your final rendered data to the web browser automatically.
a).View class b).Output class c).Controller Class d).Routing Class

20).Which of the following is a private function in codeigniter?
a)._utility b).Utility c).utility_private d).private_utility

21).If you want to use a constructor in any of the Controllers, which of the following is necessary to achieve this?
a).parent::__construct(); b).child::__construct(); c).parent::controller(); d).super::controller()

22).Which of the following is a reserved name and hence cannot be used to name the controller:
a).CI_Base b).index c).Default d).All

23).A ____ is a web page or a page fragment like a header, footer etc
a).Controller b).Hook c).Teaser d).View

24).Which of the following is NOT true about Views?
a).views can flexibly be embedded within other views b).view must be loaded by a controller
c).views can be called directly d).views may or may not contain html

25).In the following, $this->load->view(‘name’); what does ‘name ‘ stand for?
a).config parameter b).view name c).parent view name d).controller class name

Answers to the above questions can be found in the ebook mentioned below.

Click here for the CodeIgniter Multiple Choice and Interview Questions Ebook


  1. Where are the answers ?

    • @Kathy – I will post that by the end of this week.

      • Answers posted.

  2. Really Helpful one.. Thanks!

  3. hiiii how can i have a date field with a calendar in codeigniter plz help me

  4. please give me result for all questions .

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