Posted by: phillipnb | July 7, 2013

CakePHP – Multiple Choice and Interview Questions

1).Briefly tell us what CakePHP is all about?

2).What is MVC? Is it related to CakePHP? How?

3).In CakePHP, what do you understand by the term “App Controller”?

4).Briefly tell us about Views in CakePHP

5).Can a user create their own View Classes? How?

6).Can you explain a typical CakePHP request?

7).Tell us a few ways in which Controllers interact with the view in CakePHP?

8).What do you understand by CakeRequest?

9).I saw a file with dot ctp filename extension in CakePHP application? What is it?

10).Tell us something about Models in CakePHP?

11).Explain about Linking Models in CakePHP?

12).Before saving a data from a Controller, how do you validate it?

13).Have you used Helpers in CakePHP? Tell us your experience?

14).Have you used JsHelper? What is it?

15).Have you used CakeEmail? If so, tell us what you did with it?

16).What is CakeLog? Have you ever written CakePHP code that will log?

17).Do you have experience with CakePHP plugins?

18).Have you used the class called AppShell?

19).What does the following code snippet do?
a).Error b).No styling will be done c).No carriage return will be present d).Output will be raw tags

20).In CakePHP, user can define their own routes in the
a).app/Config/routes.php b).app/Config/temp.php
c).app/Config/url.php d).app/Config/connect.php

21).Which of the following is a feature in CakePHP that is used to allow you to easily change your url structure without having to modify your code
a).Forward routing b).Parallel routing c).Reverse routing d).None

22).Tell us about Error Handling in CakePHP?

23).Have you deployed an application written using CakePHP? Tell us how you did it.

Answer Key for MCQ

19 20

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