Posted by: phillipnb | August 10, 2013

APIs in Business

You must have heard of the term called API or Application Programming Interface a thousand times. The definition of API is that it provides an interface by which one software program can interact with another. Apart from this definition have you ever wondered how APIs are shaping business these days? This is what we will see in this article.

I am not going to investigate how APIs are shaping business but I came across a set of slides that did this. The title of the slide is “6 Reasons Why APIs are ReShaping Your Business”. The slides are owned by faberNovel and the research that went into the making of the content of these slides is fantastic. Hence I thought that it is better to read these slides than to re-invent the wheel by doing a new research on this topic. So, here is the link to the slides. I have also converted the slides to a document (with minor or negligible modifications) so that those of you who would like to read this as a text can use the document version. Here is the link to that document. Though none of the information that is mentioned in the slides (or the document) has anything to do with PHP directly, many of the API implementations mentioned in the slides are done using PHP or PHP is one of the programming languages that is used in the implementation.

So, go ahead and enjoy reading these slides.


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