Posted by: phillipnb | April 7, 2014

Yii Framework – Interview Questions

Multiple Choice and Interview Questions

1). What does Yii stand for?

2). What are the strengths of Yii or what is Yii best suited for?

3). Yii is based on ______ design pattern
a). MVC b). Simpleton c). Yes it is d). Yii Bison

4). Tell us about the Yii projects that you have done so far.

5). Which of the following is a Yii front-controller?
a). Model b). Application c). Widget d). App Component

6). I am going to define ‘x’ in Yii by defining a method whose name starts with on. So, what actually is this ‘x’?

7). In Yii, a controller is an instance of of ______?

8). In Yii, Controllers and actions are identified by ____

9). How do you describe System View in Yii?

10).How many types of models are implemented in Yii? What are they?


1). Yes it is

2). Yii is a generic Web programming framework. It can be used for developing virtually any type of Web application. It is light-weight and equipped with sophisticated caching mechanisms. For these reasons it is especially suited to high-traffic applications, such as portals, forums, content management systems (CMS), e-commerce systems, etc.

3). a

4). [Discuss about your Yii projects, your role, what you coded etc etc]

5). b

6). Component Event

7). CController or of a class that extends CController.

8). IDs

9). System views refer to the views used by Yii to display error and logging information

10). Two. Form models and active records.



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